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School of Ministry is one of the platforms under the Outreach Arm of Segun Obadje Teaching Ministries. It is a New Creation Based Bible training Institute established for adequate preparation of the saints for their God-given assignment. SOTM School of Ministry (SOM) is a life transforming experience that redefines the capabilities and boundaries available to one as a Christian and a minister of the gospel. More so importantly, the teachings emphasized lessons that resounded beyond doctrinal teachings that ministry is not for those who have been called to the Five-fold or pulpit ministry but for everyone in every walk of life and endeavors. SOTM School of Ministry in over a decade has been raising and empowering many people to Get Answers, identify their God-ordained purpose whether in the four-walls of the church or outside it, and to become outstanding in their pursuit of that purpose (Ephesians 4:12; Hebrews 10:7).

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SOM is an interdenominational school for all those who believe in Jesus.
Your passkey to this priceless offer that will revolutionize you forever is being born again genuinely. That’s all


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